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Some Benefits of HIIT Workouts

Best HIIT WorkoutsMany athletes are already aware of the benefits of doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises. HIIT workouts are characterized by alternating short periods of intense aerobic workouts that have less intense recovery periods. People who do these workouts usually push themselves to the brink of exhaustion, but their efforts have been well worth it because they have been reaping the rewards. The idea of HIIT workouts is simple: you make a big change with less total time, which means more value for your buck. The benefits of this type of physical training have been backed up by science and this article is going to show you what they are.

You Continue Burning Calories for Hours

If you want to burn off the calories of the bacon cheeseburger that you had for lunch, then you should start doing HIIT workouts because they can burn more calories than continuous aerobic training – and it does this during and after your workout. Your caloric expenditure becomes increased thanks to the burst of increased intensity in your workouts, which results in having more calories being burned from your body. There’s a great article on the best hiit workout dvds at fitness site AxlesOfEvil.org.

Your body continues to burn calories even two hours after your exercise, which will further add to your total. EPOC or exercise post oxygen consumption is your body’s natural way of returning to a state of homeostasis after exercising. By doing HIIT, you will be burning a greater amount of total calories during EPOC compared to continuous exercising.

It Can Improve Your Endurance

The next time you find yourself going out on a run, try to pick up the pace for at least 60 seconds. Studies have shown that spending one minute doing a high intensity workout on an otherwise simple form of exercise can help boost your endurance and improve your overall health, too. Higher amounts of mitochondria and improved blood pressure are a couple measurements that prove this benefit. This improved endurance can carry over to your higher intensity workouts, runs, and rides, allowing you to last longer.

You Will Find Yourself Sticking to It

Compared to low intensity, steady state exercises, HIIT is far more enjoyable. This is the reason why you might end up sticking to it. A study found that people were getting more enjoyment out of doing HIIT over continuous moderate intensity workouts and continuous vigorous intensity workouts. Even if it does make you exhausted in the end, you will find yourself sticking to HIIT because of its effectiveness and results. If you’re interested in women’s nutrition and diet information check out this article by Axles of Evil.