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How do AIDS Drugs Work?

AIDS, also known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, was first found in the year 1981. It is mainly caused by the HIV virus which is also known as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV or AIDs by itself is not dangerous – but it can attack and weaken the body’s immune system so severely that one could even get very ill from simple germs. This is because your body now has no way of healing itself after the immune system is attacked and broken down.

AIDs cannot really be treated and removed, but it can be controlled well with the help of medicine. ART, or antiretroviral therapy is what is usually used to help keep AIDs under control. With proper ART, someone suffering from AIDs or HIV can live completely like a normal person.

When you are undergoing ART therapy, you would have to follow a strict regimen of taking a combination of HIV medicines every day So how do these aid drugs work? What these drugs does is that it prevents the HIV cells from multiplying itself in your body, which helps to reduce the level of HIV you might have in your body.

When you have lesser HIV cells in your body, naturally your body’s immune system would be stronger and have a chance to fight off simple illnesses, diseases or infections. Do note that these medicines are unable to completely remove HIV in your body, but the reduction is good enough to help your immune system to work like a normal person. These drugs also help to reduce the risk of you spreading the virus to other people.

If HIV is not treated and kept well under control, it would eventually progress to AIDs. But AIDs can be treated in the same way just like HIV, just that the medicines will be different and cost a lot more.

By now you should understand how do aid drugs work and it is important for you to encourage anyone you know who is suffering from HIV/AIDs to go through the proper treatment.